April 13, 2022

The Need for Lightning-Fast, Hyper-Personalized Experiences is Transforming Retail at Full Tilt.

The Answer Lies within the AI and ML-powered Context Center.

In a world where customers want more and more from their business interactions, AI emerges strong as the right solution for instant, effortless two-way communication. There is no denying that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are rapidly taking over the tricky, complicated, and labour-intensive contact centre. Therefore, it is being transformed into a place online where the majority of customer interactions take place efficiently and smoothly. 

It is also widely accepted that elevated CX requires a multi-factor approach and that traditional contact centres have long been a focal point of customer engagement and experience. These serve to foster loyalty in customer relations, address questions and concerns, but most importantly, they serve as storytellers for the brand itself, affecting its reputation.

With the help from AI and ML, however, the role of contact centres within the business organization is being reengineered. Modern-day contact centres operate as the true heart of the company, as an extension of the brand set to nurture brand loyalty and advocacy but most importantly to lay the foundations for a world of engaging digital experiences.

The “Multi-experience World” is the Next Frontier in Customer Relations

Not too long ago, contact centres could have consisted of little more than a small team responsible for monitoring social media, answering the phone, handling email inquiries, and shipping disputes. With the advent of AI and ML solutions, contact centres are seamlessly becoming integrated with broader digital business operations, aiming to enhance overall functionality and safeguard customer relations. 

AI and ML contact centres empower companies of all sizes with scalable technology that can customize every experience within the customer’s journey whilst refining and optimizing the quality of these experiences. AI and ML make it possible to structure an operational framework in which companies can adapt their interactions with customers, employees, and other stakeholders to everyone’s advantage. This so-called “multi-experience world” is the next frontier in customer relations.

Out With the Old, In With the New: From the “Contact Center” to the “Context Center”

These powerful new tools go beyond simple “contact” to create an entirely novel, data-driven, personalized “context” that steers business operations by incorporating customer interactions. That is to say, a “context centre” able to deliver comprehensive and rewarding experiences that impact customer satisfaction and sentiments long after the contact has been wrapped up.

More specifically, AI and ML feed businesses on-point, relevant, personalized, and actionable information, defining the interactions between the company and the customer under the multi-experience model. These features can guide facets of the interaction such as:

●             The customer’s preferred contact method

●             The customer’s preferred engagement platform

●             Customer purchase history

●             Customer sentiment and happiness

Drawing upon relevant data, the context centre then uses this information to create a real-time, full-spectrum customer engagement personalization process that ensures a multi-experience continuity across every step of the customer’s journey.

And this is precisely why the answer to lightning-fast, hyper-personalized CX is AI and ML-powered context centres. Our company is at the forefront of helping businesses unlock their growth by leveraging new technologies. Contact Glove Retail today to learn more about how AI and ML can assist you.