in-store marketing has never been smarter!

This versatile solution motivates your customers to ‘stop and pay attention!’ Each customer walks into store with a purchasing mindset. Our solution increases the chances of impulse sales.

The Advantages:

diverse triggers

Age, Gender, Proximity, Touch, Button

pairing points

Engage customers

Minimal infrastructure

Maximum results

Infinite possibilities

Customisable to your needs


For maximum customer experience

Customer walks by a display, its presence is registered and immediately an ad with sound starts playing = event-triggered content changes that stimulate customer interest.

Customers may notice a ‘push me’ button on the monitor that prompts them to take action. As they push the button, they are rewarded with a discount coupon.

Content change depending on gender. If it ‘recognizes’ that the customer is female, the content plays an ad for body cream or some other product typically purchased by female customers. If the customer is a male – the monitor may play an ad for razors

Our most popular modules include:


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