What if you could address all fitting room concerns with one simple system! allows shoppers to send a request for assistance from tablets conveniently located in each of your store’s ‘fitting’ rooms. Trying on apparel and discovering that it doesn’t fit or that the color is not quite right can be exasperating. It means that the customer must get dressed and return to the main display area to find an alternative. Giving your shoppers the ability to request assistance from a fitting room is a perfect way to pamper your customers and ensure their loyalty.

As an added value the digital display inside the fitting room creates direct communication channel with your customers giving you the opportunity to familiarize them with your offers, seasonal promotions, new collections and daily discounts. Elevating customer experience into a whole new level together with sales increase.

Response rate

Track how quickly customers received help

peak assistance calls

Access the busiest fitting room times during store hours

Call total

Measure per hour/day/week/month

Average assistance time

Measure how long the assistance call lasted

Store summary

Compare metrics across stores

Leaving customers waiting with questions can cost you time and money.

What else can it do for me?

Just as importantly, the tablet also displays marketing videos, daily offers, and other messages that connect you more closely to your customers while they wait for a new garment to be personally delivered to their fitting room. In this way, they don’t feel that their time is wasted and their ‘customer satisfaction’ factor is preserved.

Our most popular modules include:


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