17 Feb, 2019


Royal Canin Hellas enjoys an effective multi-store, LCD Stripe campaign with the innovative platform product.me, by Glove Retail Group.


Client: Royal Canin Hellas

Goals: Advertising effectiveness & customer activation   

Project Days: 30 (Implementation)

Main Solution: Shelf Stripes & product.me

Country: Greece

About the Client

Royal Canin, was founded in 1968 by a veterinarian and since then focuses on providing nutritional answers for pets, with the greatest possible specialization. Through observation, research and collaboration with pet nutritionists, veterinarians, breeders and other experts in the field, Royal Canin Hellas is at the forefront of nutritional development.


The Client aimed for a simple yet sophisticated solution to drive customer engagement through a series of advertising messages at multiple points of interest.  The desired end-result was customer activation through effective in-store digital storytelling.  

Solution: Shelf Stripes & product.me

The client wanted to gain a competitive edge and looked for a solution to make their products stand out. Our company of retail experts, provided and installed 41 LCD shelf stripes (23.1‘‘) at 21 pet shops in Athens and Thessaloniki. With these multipurpose screens we brought to the table full-colour, eye grabbing displays aligned with the clients’ creative marketing ideas.

We also utilized another tool for this campaign as to further enhance marketing effectiveness and the overall monitoring process: product.me

product.me is a cloud based central application which revolutionizes the way content is stored, distributed, and managed allowing the client to create functionality through an easy-to-use UI whilst keeping the need for maintenance to a minimum. With product.me, all devices are inter-connected showcasing the messaging calendar decided by the Client.

Product.me offers exquisite potential for content management and in this case enabled us to easily and successfully manage the advertising messages at any time. The message strategy was planned and carried out by the client and consisted of 2 different content categories (One for cats and one for dogs).



Together, we made the best out of the branding experience and utilized promotional space at its fullest while at the same time we managed to reach the end customer and drive sales.



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