Case Study

The Challenge: How to protect their product displays and their stores from theft.

Solution: Security



Project Days


Main Solution

EAS gates and Line alarm


Epic Cyprus and Epic Malta are subsidiaries of Monaco Telecom, a company that provides landline, Internet, TV, and mobile services, as well as data connectivity services internationally, ‘at home’ and ‘in the cloud.’ Epic Cyprus and Epic Maltese are the leading mobile operators in their respective countries. Combined, they have over 25 stores offering tech products, accessories and telecommunication solutions.


Epic Cyprus and Epic Malta are updating their multiple display areas in ways that are more closely aligned with the Epic global brand. Their goal is to offer a best-in-class customer experience supported by environmentally friendly operations while also protecting their display merchandise from theft and ensuring the overall security of their facilities.

We installed a highly effective security system that included EAS gates at their entrance access points and line alarms (powered by Langhong Technology Co.) to protect the mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches and other devices. It is a flexible and nimble security solutions that can be easily adapted and expanded as new merchandise is displayed and new stores are opened.


We helped Epic Cyprus and Epic Malta update and increase their security measures to ensure the safety of their ‘high theft’ mobile devices on display and to protect their entrances. This included the installation of EAS gates at the entry access points and line alarms (powered by Langhong Technology Co. ) to protect their display devices. Epic Cyprus and Epic Malta now have a reliable security system as they continue to modernize their display areas and increase the number of their stores.