Case Study

The Challenge: How do you maintain an attractive shelving display that reflects real-time accurate pricing and promotions throughout multiple stores?

Solution: Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL); digitalization


Accurate dynamic

Project Days

12 Months

Main Solution

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL);


Dixons South East Europe (Kotsovolos) is the largest consumer electronics retailer in Greece. Fundamental to its mission is to empower people to live a better life through technology. With roots in a small neighborhood store located in downtown Athens (1950), the company now has a network of over 90 stores in Greece and Cyprus, as well as two online stores.
Kotsovolos has been a member of Dixons British brand of electrical goods since 2005. In addition to retail sales, it provides after-sales support; installation; warranty and repair services; and business-to-business services.
Exploring innovative approaches related to marketing is important to them, especially since there is increased competition in the electrical goods sector.


We facilitated the installation and implementation of customized electronic shelf labels (ESL) in 100 Dixons South East Europe stores. Powered by SoluM, this ESL installation project was a perfect solution for the client’s desire for accurate, customer-centered, precise shelving displays.
The popularity of electronic shelf labels (ESLs) continues to increase in retail stores and industrial companies. Other than displaying product information, this digital, wireless solution has even more to offer, including dynamic pricing. We are confident that our client will be pleased with the results.


The installation and implementation of digitalized, electronic shelf labels in 100 stores have allowed our client to feel confident that its customers now have access to accurate pricing and product information on shelves at all times completing ‘omnichannel’ vision, all pricing – in store and on line – is coordinated.


We have multiple store sites, and it’s been hard to manage and maintain orderly shelf displays. Our customers want accurate, real-time pricing and promotions. So do we! Glove Retail introduced us to Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), a solution that not only makes us happy but our customers too!