COUNTRY: Romania




Cupio upgrades Customer Experience & Store Safety with Integrated Retail Solutions, by Glove Retail Group



Client: Cupio

Goals: In-store Safety, Customer Activation

Solutions: Digital Signage, product.me, Security Systems

Country: Romania



About the Client

Cupio is well-established Romanian cosmetics brand specializing in manicure, make-up, and personal care products. The company is all about knowledge-sharing and promoting the latest beauty techniques.   




Cupio aimed for efficient solutions for perfectly functional stores with a twist:  Customer engagement via advertising messages at the Point of Sale. The challenge was using in-store traffic to increase product awareness, boost sales, and at the same time prevent losses. Glove Retail Group, was chosen to design and implement these solutions initially for 10 store locations.




A complete security system package: CCTV, latest technology Antitheft antennas and burglar alarms.  In terms of Digital Signage, eye-catching LCD displays and state of the art speakers were installed. Using software platform product.me helped deliver customized messages from Cupio’s headquarters and real-time content management across the store network.




Inspired by Cupio’s passion for beauty, we created safe and attractive space with enhanced customer engagement and customer experience. Together we have improved overall advertising effectiveness. Cupio gained competitive advantage and elevated shopping to a new level.

As a result of this project, we developed a trusting partnership of 5 years and expanded our collaboration to all their stores.


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