Case Study

The Challenge: How do you escape the clutter and noise in the refrigeration aisle?

Solution: Escape Coolers


Advertising effectiveness

Project Days

30 days 3x per year.

Main Solution

Escape Coolers


Since 1865, Fromageries Bel has been a pioneer in the healthy snacks market with its popular fruit and dairy single-serving snack choices. Headquartered in France, the company’s international reach continues to draw on its impressive portfolio of brands that attract consumers in more than 120 countries. It’s leadership strategy combines teamwork, sustainability, and a healthy dose of ambition. That’s exactly how we work! We couldn’t wait to accept the challenge!


The refrigeration aisles in supermarkets are jam-packed with all kinds of products. Our challenge was to help Bel Foods differentiate itself from this melee. Our fully-branded ‘Escape Coolers’ are chilled displays specifically designed to attract attention! We decided to use them as an on-site marketing ‘promo’ tool and a consumer activation touch-point for Bel throughout the Masoutis supermarkets chain. The result? It was a tremendous success! Bel Foods clearly stands out, and we now have an ongoing collaboration with them for 2 to 3 promos per year.


We helped this iconic snack food brand from France stand out from its competitors in crowded supermarket displays by using our branded Escape Coolers. They were an immediate onsite success as a promo strategy and consumer activation touch-point!


The refrigeration aisles in stores are crowded with all kinds of products. We were trying to find a way to call attention to our product. Fortunately, Glove Retail offered their ‘Escape Coolers’ as a solution. These coolers are chilled displays designed to attract attention and increase sales! It worked! Thank you, Glove Retail!