July 17, 2020


During the lock-down

The coronavirus crisis has dramatically changed the way stores need to operate. We knew from the start that this would be a great challenge for all retailers. So, we set-off from the first days of the pandemic and various lockdowns to find, customize and market special safe retail solutions.

Safety realities and perception

The Glove retail team planned for safe retail solutions to protect every customer’s employees and their end-customers. We went through our global partners network to find how can we integrate out of store and in-store processes and equipment in the form of cameras, alert protection mechanisms, security systems, and even hand sanitizer stations. We had to think for all stakeholders.

We created integrated solutions

Besides sales and revenue, we had to think how we can exclusively and ad-hoc support our Customers, the time they need it more. After the first pandemic wave retailers were starting operations in an overly cautious way. So, we had to show that we primarily care for them and their people, while helping them build the perception that they are a safe business.

You see, finding solutions is in our DNA

Sometimes you should not look for profit and income but do the right thing! For us the right thing was to overcome usual account sales interactions, go out in the global market, find the best equipment and customize it of those Customers that have showed trust to us for many years.

With the first order, we were feeling all happier than ever, because we have been of good use in their hands. We felt accomplished and purposeful to deliver something that is not on our usual repertoire but made sense to them.

George Visvikis, Founder