As an experienced and trusted B2B consultancy for the retail industry, we are in the position to help our clients implement innovative ideas, apply integrated approaches, and make smart choices for measurable business growth while also being sensitive to their environmental impact. 

Because we provide customized services, we use the opportunity to include guidance on issues, such as such as sustainable supply chain management, worker safety and data security.

Our own business practices are intended to be a model of environmental and social responsibility, and we expect our clients to emulate our commitment. Our three divisions: software platform solutions; merchandizing solutions; and antitheft solutions are all managed according to highest level of environmentally responsible standards.

Climate Change and Carbon

We understand that sustainability factors apply to just about every facet of the retail industry. Chemicals and toxins, energy and greenhouse gases, waste, and product impact are some of the important topics we include in our retail consultancy as we introduce ways to help our clients meet consumer demands while also operating more sustainably. In this way, we partner with our clients take to steps to build a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

In terms of our own business practices, we manage our environmental footprint by using energy efficient software and monitoring how it’s used in terms of functionality, security, scalability, and accessibility. Digital tools and technology will be critical in building new businesses and helping companies create solutions that fulfill customer needs in new ways. Green software is still an emerging field, and we are keeping a close eye on its development. 

We are reducing our carbon footprint by planning smart, purposeful travel and relying on virtual meetings following initial face-to-face consultations with clients. We operate our firm in ways that are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable, and work with our clients to intentionally always consider societal and environmental challenges when setting their long-term goals.

Additional Ways we Reduce Energy Usage 

We have equipped our office with gold Energy Star rated appliances to improve efficiency. We also have a centralized virtual server to reduce carbon emissions.

We have installed an energy management system whereby lights are switched off automatically when not in use, and sensors adjust the brightness of our lighting according to how much light enters our windows. We also control the temperature in our office so that it is not being heated or cooled unnecessarily when not in use,

Waste Management

We aim to be a ‘waste-free’ office by using very little paper, cardboard or other disposable items, and we adhere to recycling practices when appropriate.

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