March 28, 2020

Excellence is in our people’s DNA!

From day 1, we were a People company

From the startup, and later to the initial company growth phases, we were determined to build Glove Retail with the best possible Talent. We knew that having excellent People around us, is a pillar to build Excellence and by that shine-through in the Industry! Through such decisions, the ethos and the company’s culture were born.

With a DNA of Excellence

The Glove retail founders are business-oriented and have been trained in the real trenches of tackling real business critical challenges. This is the main reason that we talk the same language with Customers, and therefore we recruit people that value Excellence, Hard working in everything they do. Not because they are told to but being a core attribute of their personality.

Our People strategy makes us different

The People-strategy became (and continues to be) our focus area:

  • We give a lot of emphasis on quality selection criteria. In the interview setup, we discuss customer and industry issues before resumes. You see, we don’t hire impressive CV’s, but open-minded and brilliantly creative People.
  • We hire salespeople, technical engineers, developers, and support technicians. But before the qualifications, the universities, and the diplomas, we partner with A-team players, genuine, ambitious, yet modest ones.
  • We hire real experts in tackling retail issues before thinking solutions.
    Every team member is unique. Everyone counts! Everyone has an area of expertise, a task, and a partner to co-create solutions, or propose something ‘out-of-the-box’.

We will never abandon our People path

Each management team member works among the company’s teams, sharing the same pressure, creative moments, and Customer interactions. We are not afraid to get personal and catalysts among each other, when it comes to sustain this different culture.

I must admit, we learn a lot from each one of our People. On each project and how to maintain our Excellence. It feels good. It is so inspirational seeing them use their space to produce and develop, instead of waiting control and directives. It helps us all improve.

As our company gets bigger, I want to share with others that we didn’t only made a significant contribution to our Customers, but also to the lives and well-being of our team members. I will fight for Glove Retail to make an impact with People in the same priority with our technology, security, digital and all other Customer solutions.

George Visvikis, Founder