AI Analytics


Artificial intelligence and algorithms play an important role in successful marketing. We leverage this remarkable advancement in technology to help you understand your shoppers’ preferences and patterns so that you can make informed decisions about marketing strategies.

For instance, algorithms can shed a light on your customers’ ‘path-to-purchase’ activities by tracking their engagement and determining which touchpoints along the conversion path have the most impact on their final purchase.

AI algorithms can also be used to collect demographics of your typical shoppers (such as their gender and approximate age). It can also be used to collect and analyse ‘sentiment data’ through facial expressions (i.e., whether your shoppers seem pleased, frustrated, satisfied or engaged). This type of information provides you with important insights about their shopping experiences.

We take special pride in our steadfast commitment to GDPR standards. Our technical solutions collect, analyse and generate data in ways that are effective, reliable, easy and – just as importantly – ethical.


Capturing demographic data


Measuring consumer engagement


Develop solutions based on new data


We provide valuable advice, but we also do much more. We work closely with you as a partner in your success. Together, we explore creative approaches to reach your goals, present viable options, and facilitate implementation. The result is a powerful matrix of the very latest GDPR-compliant solutions.

Your challenges may include one or more of the following:

how do i?

If you want to measure and compare success in multiple locations, in-store ‘smart’ cameras at checkout points can help you determine what drives sales and what limits growth.

Since impulse sales account for 35% of purchases, we can track impulse-purchased products so that you can use these products to your adantage.

Shoppers usually walk into a store with a ‘purchasing’ mindset. Knowing this, we develop advertisements that are designed to catch the attention of these types of customers.

Positive ‘sentiment’ correlates with a positive shopper experience. We help you develp stronger content that increases positive sentiment.


We help you strengthen, manage and sustain your customers’ shopping experience throughout their journey.


Data-based reports can be confusing, but they don’t need to be! Our data collection output generates results that are clear and easily understood so that you can use them to inform your marketing decisions.

Metrics Collected

Demographics – sex and age group
Customer satisfaction – sentiment
Average dwell times for customers
Relative foot traffic between stores

Sample results

Traffic between the stores – Similar
But sales in Store B are plummeting – Why?
Store A has a higher rate of female visitors – Better targeting
Customers are happier with the Store A – Better staff performance


the two ‘pillars’ that support our work.

Easy: While our technological tools are highly sophisticated, they are user-friendly and easy to activate. Simply plug them in. As soon as they are powered up, they begin to collect data.

Ethical: Our reputation of service excellence is based on trust and integrity, and our commitment ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ standards is absolute. All of our data collection practices are GDPR-compliant, and we have a well-structured Data Protection Policy in place so that you never worry about your customersprivacy.

We have spent years designing and testing data-analytic solutions so that maintaining personal anonymity is never compromised. All data is encrypted, and only aggregate-level (or group) insights are computed.


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